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Are you curious and want to try indoor climbing?

Let's get you started. Have a go and experience the joy of indoor climbing. 

Have you tried it before, but you would like to learn the basics so you can go climbing with others? 

We will look at equipment knowledge, how to tie the knot, safe belaying, catching falls, communication and trusting each other as well as safety from a wider perspective. 

Are you a climber, but looking to push your grade and improve techniques?

Let me help you out and let's work out a way together to allow you to not only finish the route you have always wanted to finish, but also how to successfully find ways how to transfer that to many other climbs.

Are you a climber, but looking to take the next step into lead climbing?

Lets build on those skills that you already have and expand it to be able to extend your comfort zone into lead climbing which will open up a whole new world of new possibilities!

Are you scared of heights or falling?

I am more than happy to help you with that, as I very well know what it feels like to be scared. I used to be scared of falling, but have found ways how to overcome it. 

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