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Mountain Walks in Summer Conditions

It's time for an adventure on the hill! There are plenty of options and choices. No matter if you are a regular hillwalker or someone who has never done it before, there certainly will be a suitable route. If you have a certain hill in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch.. 

What to expect and what is expected.

We will set out in the morning and will be out for roughly 6-9 hours. (Unless the tour is booked as a half day) You will be expected to wear appropriate clothing and carry your own bag. You will be given an equipment/ clothing list to make sure that you have everything you need. You are not required to be top fit, but you should be able to walk happily for that duration with a bag. We will take breaks to enjoy the journey. 

Walking in Scotland:

Some of the walks have got tracks all the way, others will involve a lot of cross country walking. This can throw heather, bogs and rocky steps at you. Other routes might have steep ground directly next to the track. Please inform me about your experience level, so that an appropriate route can be chosen.

Rather just a half day?

This is possible, so please do get in contact.

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